The novice training programme

that makes running accessible to all

The Tralee International Marathon, in conjunction with Born To Run (Tralee Marathon Club), are running its novice training program for the 2014 Tralee International Marathon.

The FREE programme is designed for anyone who has never run before, or for people who have just taken up running. It begins in August, and the training programme continues all the way up to the big day on March 16th 2014.


We’re ready to run!



A short time ago, the Born to Run novice runners couldn’t run even five mins - now they can run a whole 30 minutes without stopping, and are well on their way to fulfilling their dreams of becoming marathon runners.

Now as the  21-week training programme for the Kerry’s Eye Tralee International Marathon begins, runners all over the county will begin a journey that will end when they cross the line in Tralee on March 16th next year.

Brian, Ann and Marie O’Shea from Curraheen are among those who have completely turned their lives around in the past eight weeks since they took the tentative steps of signing up for their first marathon.

Brian (Ballyard) has had complete lifestyle change - as he has now also given up smoking - and although it is early days, he is confident that he can do it this time round, with running to help him.

“It definitely got me motivated to give up. I was running 10km in 1hr 01min or so but in a week I am down to 58 minutes, so it’s a big improvement after giving up. Hopefully I will manage to stay off them.”

Brian had previously undertaken the 10km Rose of Tralee training programme and this led him to sign up for the marathon, and he encouraged his mother and sister to join the beginner programme.


Brian’s sister Ann (Marian Park), has also had a lifechanging few weeks. She is feeling better than ever now, and is thrilled that she can now run 30 mins without stopping.

“When we managed 30 mins you would swear we ran the marathon. If we can get this far in eight weeks, then we can do the marathon,” she said.

“I’m really enjoying it a lot.”

Ann says that she is definitely more toned and eating healthier.

“Chocolate doesn’t taste like it used to,” she says.

Marie, their mother, from Curraheen, is also continuing with the training and although she has fallen behind the training group, she is adamant that she will change her life.

“It is hard going, but I’m determined to keep going,” she said. “I have toned up now and my clothes are looser.

“I can now buy size 20 jumpers in Penneys which I couldn’t before - it was like winning the lotto!”

She is now eating healthier and says she feels better than ever.

“I’m not exhausted after a workout now,” Marie said. “I now have the ‘feel good factor’. “

She has missed training due to health concerns but in the past few weeks she has returned to training a few days a week, and hopes to increase that again.

Marie, Brian and Ann O'Shea from Curraheen who are all training for the Kerry’s Eye Tralee International Marathon.

Get up and get running!

If you ever wanted to run a marathon but haven’t done anything about it, now’s your chance - with a training programme specially designed to help you go the distance and get you over the line.

Last year’s Kerry’s Eye Tralee International Marathon was a major success, and saw hundreds crossing the line after 26.2 miles.

Included were more than 100 finishers who had never thought of themselves as runners before - but they made it, thanks to our training programme.

The next Kerry’s Eye Tralee International Marathon takes place on March 16th next year.

But if you want to be amongst the runners in one of the best community events of the year, it’s time to start training right now.

Our 21-week marathon training programme, designed to bring you over the line in March, begins this Monday.

All you have to do to complete the Kerry’s Eye Tralee International Marathon is follow the week-by-week programme.

Training starts this Monday. Cut out and keep the attached programme for the first six weeks - and let’s get ready to run!



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